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Optical Academy offers the inventive opportunity to become a part of the Nation’s Leading & Most Trusted Onsite Mobile Eye Care Provider by owning an Optical Academy Franchise! We are taking the extreme initiative by providing In-Office, Online, and Convenient Onsite Mobile Eye care and Eyewear as we travel directly to our patients ultimately helping everyone of all ages to see a beautiful day, every day…..and you can too!

The global vision care market size is expected to reach USD 192.85 billion by 2026, exhibiting a CAGR of 5.6% during the forecast period. The optical industry is rapidly growing and with our mobile running business, the franchise opportunities are endless. Optical Academy is set apart from other franchises, as we prioritize our customer’s valuable time by traveling directly to them at schools, worksites, and community events. Optical Academy has screened and examined over 1 million students and we are on a mission to continue to significantly increase that number. We provide easy accessible eye exams for everyone of all ages and overall give people the ability for everyday skills with clear vision. 

Optical Academy is proudly partnered with the National Education Association as we provide exclusive membership discounts to educators on our services all over the nation. With this, we have built very strong relationships with educators and have access to service NEA members all over the states as we continue to expand.

We are also the proud owners of  TeleOptometry and TeleOptician virtual programs. As the virtual world is quickly evolving, we have implemented programs for patients to be screened and examined remotely by an eye doctor and pick out their glasses, as well. The global telemedicine market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 19.5% from 2022 to 2030, and we are ready for this modern shift in the world of eye care. Additionally, our mobile vision team can travel to onsite events with access to virtual optometrists who are able to conduct remote eye exams and support you virtually in addition to our intense training programs.

Over 150 million Americans are living with some sort of vision problem and Optical Academy is striving to reduce this number by expanding our unique onsite mobile eye care & eyewear services. You can be open and operating in a short period as we have everything set for you! Are you unfamiliar with the world of eye care and have no background in this field? It’s no problem, our mobile vision team does the work! We will provide a full background on Optical Academy’s unique services and the way things work! Optical Academy franchise is transforming the world of eye care, one mobile unit at a time, and we invite you on this journey with us!

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  • State of the Art Equipment

  • Custom Equipment Cases

  • All Supplies and Resources

  • Provided Customized Just For You!

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Optical Franchise

It’s so much more than vision..

Each day teams of Optical Academy staff provide uncommon access, convenience, affordability, and quality eye care and eyewear to their communities. As the owner of an eye care franchise location, you can continue this amazing work in your community.

Imagine a professional business-building environment where:

  • The daily focus is on making sure children and adults see a beautiful day every day.
  • Corporate and non-profit partnerships are already established and waiting for your mobile van to arrive.
  • The act of giving back creates the kind of future you’ve seen for yourself all along.

Optical Academy focuses on delivering vision services on-site with the maximum flexibility – in schools, at companies, and through community events – by way of a fully branded Optical Academy van. The mobile business model can then also be supported through a brick-and-mortar Optical Academy location if you choose.

If you share our vision of affordable eye care for everyone, see what a difference you can make for your community and yourself – and build a business you’ll be proud of. Invest in your own optical franchise today!

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This is your opportunity to disrupt the eye care industry in your community. With our business model, you can take on a fresh, new look that’s focused on the customer experience
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